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Our Story

The Founder

Hi, I’m Jesse, the founder of ShopThisOldeThing.com. I’ve always been into vintage style — you could say I’m a bit of a vintage geek. In 2018 I decided to combine my love of vintage style with my professional background in content creation to start a Poshmark store. As my online following grew I realized that I’d found a community among my fellow vintage-lovers.

Suddenly, what once started as a hobby turned into a full fledged online vintage store with over 40K followers. I knew that I need to bring the ShopThisOldeThing experience to Instagram's thriving vintage community, so I started this Shopify store and the rest is history.

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Vintage Culture

In the past few years, vintage culture has exploded. What was once a niche for vintage geeks is now a thriving community of vintage aficionados. This ever-expanding audience has brought with it a whole new culture. 


Our Mission

The ShopThisOldeThing mission is to build a community of vintage lovers who are as excited about sharing their love of vintage culture as we are. As a team, we’re proud to stand by our core values of creating an authentic, grassroots brand by and for vintage lovers. Our passion for vintage is what drives us, and we’re committed to supporting small businesses in our sector. Our products are all hand-picked and authentic.